The density determination kit of solids and liquids is inteded to cooperate with laboratory balances featuring weighing pans with dimensions ø85 and ø100 mm [KIT85], weighing pan 128×128 mm [KIT 128] and weighing pan 195×195 mm [KIT195].

Determining the density of solids and liquids is an inseparable part of laboratory work. Traditional method of density determination requires the operator to carry out multiple measurements and complex calculation. In result the operator ends with a density determination result which can be saddled with calculation and systematic errors.

Additionally the amount of time dedicated to density calculation is relatively large.

Application of RADWAG balances featuring the density determination mode, it is possible to considerably simplify and speed up the whole process. Time amount required to obtain density result is very short, as all the process calculations are automatically carried out by a balance, and operator’s activities are limited to:

– operation of balance’s keyboard,
– placing the samples on thedensity kit weighing pans,
– hanging the plunger.

Density determination is enables through application of the density kit for solids and liquids. it is an additional equipment of RADWAG laboratory balances. Balance software enabling density detemrination features:

– simplicity of use (all activities are described on balance’s display),
– reliability (all calculation is automatically conducted by balance’s software),
– fast data processing (result is obtained ondetermination of sample mass in water or plunger mass in liquid),
-accurate data processing (before every mass measurement, display indication is automatically zeroed, thus ensuring reliable and actual density determination result).

Packing parameters:
1) Packaging size: 380 x 250 x 205 mm
2) Gross weight:
– KIT85: 0,8 kg
– KIT128: 1,0 kg
– KIT195: 1,2 kg